ICT software

Open your Windows PC to superior comfort!

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the key to conveniently using key functions to simplify work processes within the company. It starts with mouse-based control of all telephone functions – from call acceptance to setting up a 3-way conference call – and continues even beyond the integration of CRM and ERP programs. PBX Call Assist 2 not only does all that. It’s also ideally suited to enhance internal company communication! Employees have access to the call journal for a better overview of any calls. Use your Outlook contacts, dial phone numbers, e.g. on web pages or in documents, directly via hotkey and take advantage of the benefits of presence management. Explore a world of convenience!

How companies network with one another

In addition to the obvious methods of communication, such as telephone and e-mail, chat functions, e.g. between project participants, are becoming increasingly popular in day-to-day work. Access to social networks like Facebook is not necessary for this. “Federation” is a networking concept specifically tailored for companies.

Recommended for Technology / Connection Display / Control
Up to 40 users Software / IP Microsoft® Windows
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Following partners do not only know the FONtevo products but as well the country-specific characteristics you will always find in telecommunications. Here you will get the matching products with the adaptations for the telephone network of the relevant country plus support if questions will come up.

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