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How can I switch a group call forwarding with a function key on my systemphone?

Since it is not possible to switch group call forwardings via the systemphone's menu or by setting up a system-key, the PBX's programming sequence must be used.

Sequence for enabling unconditional group call forwarding:

##97 [grp.-number] # *21* [target number] #

Sequence for disabling unconditional group call forwarding:

##97 [grp.-number] # #21#

According to the setting "direct exchange line" the group and target number (external/internal) must be entered with the preceding exchange line access number "0" or rather **.

If using the function "system-wide automatic exchange line request" (from firmware 6.6B), only the internal number is entered.

The function keys on systemphones can be set up with a macro-function, to let the phone dial the programming sequence on its own.

A macro key can e.g. be set up as follows:

Enable unconditional group forwarding:
Level 1 of the key
HW1Z ##97 [grp.-number] # W1Z *21* [target number] # W1H Lr

Disable unconditional group forwarding:
Level 2 of the key
HW1Z ##97 [grp.-number] #  W1Z #21# W1H Lo

On IP-systemphone the preceding "HW1" is left out (Z##97...) and the system account must be selected for the key.

Example COMfortel 2600 ISDN:

Example COMfortel  2600 IP: