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How can I activate a voice mailbox in the COMpact 3000 analog/ISDN/VoIP via an external phone?


  • SD card inserted in the SD card socket or USB memory stick inserted in the USB port
  • DTMF dialing support of the external telephone
  • Imported language file (*.fs)
  • Knowing the PIN for remote access to the corresponding voicemail box
  • Voicemail box switched off


  1. Call the voicemail box and let it ring for about a minut.
    The voicemail box answers the call. You hear the set greeting.
  2. Dial *.
    You are prompted to enter the 6-digit PIN for remote inquiry and hash.
  3. Enter the PIN for remote inquiry and dial #*11.
    The voicemail box is activated.

Further steps:

  • Perform a remote inquiry if required