We are FONtevo


Product quality is one key component of our success story, which creates business continuity and protects your investment.

We embrace a family culture

"We are family" is another key aspect of our success. We support our partners and customers by supporting them in their day-to-day business. We are available via many different channels, help you solve customer request and we also pride ourselves for including partners ideas into the development of our new innovative products.


We do everything to ensure that our partners and customers get fast and competent support whatever problem may arise. We understand that immediate access to the right technician, with the required skill set is key – your satisfaction is our top priority.

Why FONtevo is a good choice

On top of our core values there are many more reasons on how we can create business continuity and investment protection for our partners.

•   Cloud system on premise – a solution that can provide an alternative for
     SME customers not requiring a fully hosted system, but still requiring the
     benefits of a cloud system but on premise.
•   Quality products with high quality management standards – direct access
     to a European manufacturer
•   Easy to install and support - a common technical architecture and
     software across all systems
•   Made in Germany - exceptional German quality and reliability for highest
     business continuity

Partner Benefits

Below are just some of the many benifts that our partners enjoy:


•    Free training – training academy for sales and technical staff
•    Sales Configurator - easy to use tool to create project proposals for your
•    Security for SME’s – own telecommunication solution at a reasonable price
•    Flexible and cost-effective solutions – systems that work with most
      handset providers
•    Sales and Marketing Support

Can reliability have an effect on our sense of well-being?

We stand for permanent, customer-driven innovation that protects your investment.

Quality Management

Quality Management

We understand that product repairs cause extra hassle for our partners and customers. Your time is valuable, and our outstanding quality management reduces the risk of product repairs to a minimum. All hardware and software are tested extensively by our quality management team and an advanced testing software.

Customer centric

Customer centric

Encouraging our partners to share ideas and wishes is an essential and unique part of our customer centric approach. We are proud, that we include our partners and customers ideas into our future product development. On top of that we offer agile and flexible project planning. This approach results in a very high customer satisfaction and partner loyalty rate.



Our customer centric approach ensures the highest customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We place trust in our retail partners because they are continuously participating in our qualification program. This ensures that our customers can trust they will get optimum advice from them.

We are Fontevo

Christian Auerswald

Managing Director Auerswald

FONtevo's mission is to make communication more efficient and easier.

"Having built a strong brand in Germany over the past 60 years we are now entering the European market with our new brand and extensive experience in the telecommunications sector."

Axel Kloessner

COO & Director International Business FONtevo

FONtevo stands for sustainable innovations, highest quality levels, lasting partner integrity and communication technologies adapted to real needs. FONtevo's vision is to be the first address internationally for the provision of efficient communication solutions for the ever-increasing communication needs of people!

"We pursue this goal daily for our partners and customers in our quest for perfection and excellence."


Many roads lead to FONtevo

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