Overvoltage protection module for effective protection of All-IP telecommunications connections

Perfectly secured telecommunications infrastructure

Plug and play – commissioning made as quick and easy as possible

Full performance – bandwidths guaranteed

No productivity hits when Internet access fails

Your advantages in detail

Use the modules in the SG series to can protect your router or a remote end device on your ITC infrastructure against power surges from the communications network. The SG-200 is the best choice for use on All-IP connections such as VDSL or ADSL without splitters.

Note: the SG-100 is designed for use on ADSL connections with splitters, ISDN or remote exchange line connections, remote analogue extensions, remote UP0 extensions or analogue door terminals.

Features & technical data

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  • VDSL connections
  • Suitable for VDSL 100
  • ADSL connections without splitters



Usable in compliance with country-specific requirements

across europe

Ambient temperature in operation | in storage

-5 to +40 ºC | -40 to +70 °C

Relative humidity in operation

5 % to 95 %, non-condensing

Type of installation

wall mounting

Protection class


Casing material

plastic (fire-proof), black

Dimensions (w x h x d)

142 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm


111 g



Surge arrester class

Type 2P1

Rated voltage (UN)

20 V AC

Highest continuous voltage (UC)

28 V AC / DC

Rated current at 45 °C (IL)

<=60 mA

C2 rated discharge surge current 5 kV (8/20 μs) (In)

5 kA

C2 rated discharge surge current 5 kV (8/20 μs) per core (In)

<=2.5 kA (operation with wire terminal)
<=2 kA (operation via RJ45 socket)

Protective level, core-core at C2 (UP)

<=45 V

Protective level, core-PG at C2 (UP)

<=230 V

Serial impedance per core (0 to 30 MHz)

3.8 Ω resistive ±20 %, +100 nF capacitive

Cut-off frequency, core-core (100 Ω) (fG)

35 kHz to 80 MHz

Capacity, core-core (C)

<=15 pF

Capacity, core-PG (C)

<=10 pF

Pulse reset time

<=160 ms

Overload failure mode

Mode 3 (disconnect line)

Delivery Scope

  • Surge protection module
  • RJ-45 connecting cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation guideline

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