COMfortel® D-Stick EZC-5200BS

Flexibility and room to move at your desk

Do you want to be able to freely move around while on the phone? Do you want to look up important documents by the way? No problem, even during the call!

Prevent painful bad posture and permanent postural damage

Thanks to a headset, you don't have to hold the handset permanently in your hand. Avoid painful cramps in the arm and shoulder area and get your hands back.

As an optional extension, a Bluetooth headset can be used on the COMfortel® D-400 via the COMfortel® D-Stick EZC-5200BS. Easily connect your personal Bluetooth headset to have more mobility and both hands free while working.

Need even more range? The COMfortel® H-500 gives you the necessary freedom to move further away from your desk.

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