COMfortel® Xtension300

More comfort at your workplace

The COMfortel Xtension300 add-on module for the telephones COMfortel 2600, 2600 IP, 3200, 3500 and 3600 IP makes your working day a lot easier. Its 30 freely programmable function keys, each with two levels and multi-coloured LEDs, give you quick and intuitive access to subscribers and functions.  

Expandable with additional add-on modules

For maximum productivity and flexibility at the workplace, the COMfortel Xtension300 provides you with a total of 60 programmable ICT system functions and one-touch dials on two levels. The different levels can be accessed either by double-clicking or by using the common shift key. The key labels are created by a comfortable configuration via the telephone's web server. If you need even more function keys, your COMfortel telephone can be extended by a maximum of three add-on modules.

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Telecommunication solutions for craft and production – Joinery

Customised for the requirements of trade

Employees: 14

"What does a craft workshop need a PBX for? Probably to ensure the same thing that everyone wants: to be contactable any time, anywhere, to hear from the ringtone whether it is a private or business call, answering machine at least for the foremen, etc. You would have to ask my secretary if there's …

John F. Independent Master Carpenter

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