COMmander® 6000R

One System for all Networks, for all Needs

The COMmander 6000R is a fully modular, rack-mounted server, providing seamless ISDN and VoIP integration, giving you peace of mind in your telecoms network.

Indisputably a Clever Investment in the Future

The COMmander 6000R can be customised to meet your specific needs.  Do you want to start off small but be able to scale to a fully extended system with comprehensive coverage?

It gives you the flexibility to use features such as cordless DECT system phones or a central voicemail with unified messaging, by simply plugging the extra modules into the 5 expansion slots.

The COMmander 6000R is integrated to the Cloud so you can quickly and easily set up private exchanges for remote workers to ensure network security.

It is ideal for integration into structured cabling networks with patch panels and expansion module options to easily configure and maintain the system.

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Satisfied Customers

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Martin E. Managing Partner

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Hotel and hospitality

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Wholesale and retail

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