COMpact 4FXS Module

Expansion module for COMpact systems as well asl COMtrexx Business with four additional analogue extensions.

4 analogue extensions

Number and name display (CLIP and CNIP)

Your advantages in detail

The COMpact 4FXS Module expands the ITC systems COMpact 5000/5000R, 5200/5200R/5500R, COMtrexx Business and COMtrexx Flex by four analogue extensions. Optimal support for CLIP (caller number display) and CNIP (caller name display).

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Features & technical data

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Module connection options

  • 4 analogue extensions, symmetrical

Module functions

  • Automatic detection of the dialling method and learning function for FLASH time detection at the analogue extensions
  • Number display (CLIP)
  • Name display (CNIP)



Trunk line

for 4 analogue terminals, pulse dialing/DTMF, CLIP/CNIP supported

Delivery Scope

  • COMpact 4FXS Module

ICT System

COMpact 5200R

Fully modular rack-mounted VoIP communications server with up to 20 channels to service provider, 50 subscribers max. and 5 slots

COMpact 5500R

Fully modular, expandable VoIP device for 19" racks with up to 32 channels to service provider and 112 subscribers

COMpact 5200

Fully modular wall-mounted VoIP communications server with up to 20 channels to the service provider, 50 subscribers max. and 5 slots

COMtrexx® Business

Large ICT all-rounder with traditional interfaces and new COMtrexx firmware and up to 150 users

COMtrexx® Flex

Future-proof PBX appliance with optional legacy interface for up to 250 users

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