Ready for mobile working environments

Flexible. Secure. Reliable. COMfortel SoftPhone for COMtrexx and – NEW – also for COMpact systems

COMfortel® SoftPhone

The up-to-date and cost-efficient entry into mobile business communication

The new world of work is hybrid. But what does “new work” mean? The answer is: secure and flexible communication from anywhere, whether at the company location, in the home office, in a co-working space or on the go.

To enable employees of a company to work productively remotely, both functions SIP telephony and internal company chat have become indispensable. With the COMfortel SoftPhone, Auerswald provides you with an entry solution with which you can easily and safely maximize the productivity and availability of your employees. Thanks to the intuitive soft client for Windows, iOS & Android, mobile work is possible on almost all devices. The secure PBX connection from anywhere via free cloud service even makes the VPN unnecessary and thus saves IT capacities.*

  • Entry level soft client for SIP telephony and messaging
  • Secure and simple PBX connection from anywhere via our free cloud service
  • Cross-platform: Apps for Windows, iOS & Android

* IPv6 is not yet fully supported. However, the product can be used in conjunction with a so-called DualStack or DS-Lite Internet access.

COMfortel SoftPhone on the smartphone

Simple and intuitive operation guaranteed.

The smart upgrade for all COMpact systems

COMfortel SoftPhone for COMpact systems* prepares for mobile workplace models in no time at all. With the cost-efficient and intuitive soft client, users receive a valuable extension for their PBX systems. Benefit from the highest level of flexibility, security and reliability for remote workplaces!

With the firmware update 8.4 for the VoIP COMpact systems, COMfortel SoftPhone comes as a clever and cost-effective entry-level solution for mobile business communication. You can simply order licenses in the shop or contact your specialist retailer.

* COMpact 4000, COMpact 5200, COMpact 5200R and COMpact 5500R

For all COMtrexx systems: Benefit from every floating user license

Mobile work for the COMtrexx VM, Business and Advanced can be implemented safely and easily with the COMfortel SoftPhone. COMtrexx users receive seamless, intuitive business communication that further increases the productivity and availability of employees and thus sales potential.

Get started now and benefit from COMfortel SoftPhone for 12 months free of charge from the initialization of your COMtrexx system! For permanent use, please contact your specialist dealer or system partner .

Compatible with the following ITC systems

COMpact 5500R

Fully modular, expandable VoIP appliance for 19" rack.

Product details

COMpact 5200R

Fully modular communication server (VoIP, ISDN, POTS) for 19" racks.

Product details

COMpact 5200

Fully modular communication server (VoIP, ISDN, POTS) for wall mounting.

Product details

COMpact 4000

Partially modular, compact ITC system (VoIP, ISDN, POTS) for wall mounting.

Product details

COMtrexx® Business

Large ICT all-rounder with legacy interfaces for up to 150 users.

Product details

COMtrexx® VM

Hardware independent soft PBX solution for up to 250 users.

Product details

COMtrexx® Advanced

Ultimate performance COMtrexx Appliance

Product details


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