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What’s the origin of trust?

That’s a tough question. But when it comes to choosing a new communication system, we’d say: Watch out for products that keep you flexible at all times. At FONtevo, “expandable” is the magic word – it saves you from investing in an entirely new technical environment should your needs grow. There’s hardly a better way of building trust …

Our commitment to quality

Fontevo’s quality management is highly effective. In fact, we offer you a free warranty extension! And that applies to each of our products, including accessories. Try to find that anywhere else!

A talent for innovation

It’s true, we are regular tech buffs, and we’re hardly ever satisfied because even if a technology is considered mature, there’s always room for improvement. Often enough, that’s when we come up with the best ideas.

True sustainability

Today, everybody claims to uphold the noble principle of sustainability. We prefer to produce written proof – and proudly refer to the Blue Angel awards we’ve received so far.

Why FONtevo is a good choice

We’re not saying the price should play a minor role in your decision. However, there are other important criteria as well when choosing a new telephone system. Things like e.g. product quality, reliability … or the kind of support you get in case there is any problem. At FONtevo, you won’t be brushed off by an anonymous call centre agent. Rather, you will receive instant expert advice that keeps you going, and software updates are free of charge. And besides, our state-of-the-art products are very competitively priced.

IP/SIP desk phones

A range of models, finely tuned to cater to different expectations of SIP telephony. Some may appreciate a Bluetooth® connection or gesture recognition. Others need as many freely programmable keys as they can get. And yet others would like an integrated answering machine with extended functionality.

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ISDN desk phones

You want ISDN system telephones with even more possibilities? You need more keys, expansions, bigger display, cordless headsets? The COMfortel system telephones offer maximum user friendliness, are intuitive to use, have a state-of-the-art design that blends into any environment and superior functionality.

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IP DECT mobile systems

A perfect choice of handsets for the new IP DECT solution with each handset off ering special advantages. Easy to use, easy to clean. It has never been easier to clearly differentiate the various units or functional areas within a company!

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A reasonable split

We recommend our ICT systems for a certain range of users. This in mind, you may find our segmentation helpful to get a better focus on your current needs. “Expandable” is the magic word if you don’t want to invest in an entirely new technical environment should your needs grow.

10 Users

Home Office

Be it for business or private use – a small PBX system pays off at once. Aside from effectively cutting the family’s phone bill, it will introduce you to a new level of convenience.


32 Users

Small Office

Interested in entering a new era where Internet telephony is just as normal as integrating additional functions and extensions? Since all our “Small Office” PBX systems are upgradeable, there’s no way to make a “wrong decision”.


112 Users


When it comes to versatility, convenience and expandability, our “Business Class” PBX systems 
leave nothing to be desired. Years later, you will still be able to extend the scope of functions as required.


Made in Germany – more than just a label

Our efficient processes and ingenious design ideas help keeping production costs down, even in Germany with its relatively high wage costs – an advantage that makes FONtevo products such good value. It goes without saying that we manufacture all products to our FONtevo quality – so don‘t take our „Made in Germany“ label as just a nice promotional idea. It‘s there to let you know that these are products you can trust.

About FONtevo

Here we are, a new contender in the field of advanced communication technology. And although you’ve probably never heard of us before, we’ve got a pretty impressive range of phones, PBX systems catering for 16 or way over 100 subscribers … and highly special accessories. The reason is, FONtevo is a brand of the renowned German manufacturer Auerswald, known for their well designed, durabel high-quality communication products and outstanding service and support.

While this explains our broad spectrum of products, it gives you but a faint notion of what you can expect from FONtevo. Let’s put it this way: we go out of our way to ensure that you’ll get superior products which meet your current and future requirements, plus all the support you might need during their long lifecycle. How does that sound?

Check out FONtevo’s flexibly expandable PBX systems based on a modular design, unique desk phones which can be operated just like a smartphone and robust DECT handsets, specially made to cope with the challenges of an industrial environment.

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