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COMfortel® WS-Base

With the IP-DECT multi-cell base COMfortel WS-Base you can expand your IP-DECT system, consisting of the handset models COMfortel M-100, M-210 and M-310, by eleven simultaneous call channels per multi-cell base. Depending on the spatial conditions, a radius of 50 to 300 metres can be covered. Your advantage: Thanks to uninterrupted call transfer between the radio cells of the IP-DECT multi-cell system, the quality of your work is not impaired in any way.


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3Q2018 (Stable) | 09.10.2018
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LanguagesCurrent version
Instructions V05 08/2017 PDF
Open source licenses COMfortel WS-400/650 IP/Base V18 01/2019 PDF
Instruction IP-DECT measuring case V3.0 08/2013 PDF
Declaration of CE Conformity V05 04/2021 PDF