Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – Dealership

Putting car dealerships into the fast lane
Sector Employees
Dealership 22
Jack Z., Managing Partner of a car dealership with several locations, 22 employees:

On good days we accept up to eighty incoming calls at our headquarters alone – I cannot and have no desire to accept them all myself. To ensure that no one has to wait for long, the PBX (COMmander 6000) sounds whenever anyone is interested in a test drive, is put through to the workshop or wants to offer their vehicle for sale. The whole process is quick and customers are happy that they don't need to explain what they actually want three times over. The best bit: our database is linked directly to the PBX. If, for example, one of my regular customers calls, their name and other important details appear on the display before I've even picked up the receiver. It also works the other way around too: if I want to call a customer, all I have to do is search for them in the central address book and click on the number. And if I don't want to be interrupted during a call, a simple press of a button is all it takes to pass all calls to my secretary. We have fairly large business premises here and three additional locations, but since we installed a COMfortel WS-650 IP multi-cell DECT system, everyone really is contactable at the drop of a hat – even if they are at another site. The DECT handsets – we all have the COMfortel M-100 in various colours – at the other locations are also connected to our switchboard. Nothing has ever made us so easy to contact before."

DIY stores
Available nationwide – indispensable for DIY stores!
Sector Employees
DIY stores 36
Oliver K., Authorised Officer in a DIY store with 36 employees:

I was tasked with reviewing our entire communication system and bringing it up-to-date. After obtaining quotes from various providers, we quickly decided on a COMmander 6000 from FONtevo. It wasn't down to the price saving alone, but because of the impressive concept as a whole. The system not only controls our IP DECT system down to the last corner of the warehouse, but also proves itself with sales-supporting measures such as special promotions that are advertised by the voicemail system as well as announcements. With almost 20 DECT COMfortel M-100 handsets, we have integrated all departments and areas in such a way that absolutely everyone can be reached. Of course, every department manager also has their own answering machine that is managed centrally by the COMmander. As we have a large sales area including external areas, monitoring is crucial. In this respect, the engineer who installed the system provided fantastic service by installing webcams in the network. Now both our security and office personnel can control cameras individually using the COMfortel 2600 IP and COMfortel 3600 IP telephones and respond appropriately to any incidents straight away."

Branch operation
Successfully networking branches
Sector Branches Employees
Store 11 62
Jennifer B., Executive Assistant at an opticians with 11 branches and 62 employees:

When I was asked to obtain quotes for a modern telephone system, I had certain search criteria in mind, from Voice over IP to unified communications, but otherwise I had very little knowledge. A specialised dealer then took the time to go through the quotes with me point by point. It then became very clear that the cheapest option was also the best. Since then, we have had an FONtevo telephone server (COMmander 6000RX) that connects practically our entire company. Every branch can make telephone calls economically over the internet – but everything is controlled by the server in reception. It also features an interface for connecting our ERP and CRM systems that are linked using the 'ESTOS ProCall' software. This means that we don't just have presence management that incorporates all branches, if a customer calls it is also possible to view the status of an order from every workstation. In any case, my boss is extremely pleased. He always takes his handset (COMfortel M-210) with him when visiting a branch, meaning he is automatically linked with head office on site. As an aside, I am also very satisfied, because I now have a particularly fancy phone: it is called COMfortel 3600 IP and can be equipped with all possible apps."

Supporting food shops and supermarkets with sales
Sector Employees
Retail stores 34
Carl W., Managing Director of a chain of supermarkets, 34 employees:

We have recently added a COMmander 6000 specifically as part of a comprehensive solution that makes our work much easier. For starters, we are obligated to keep detailed records of the warehouse temperature of cooled products by legislators. But, in addition to this, the system also controls many more things such as announcements in the sales room via the a/b audio box. This can be done by every device. It also controls the EC cash devices: as they are connected to the PBX, they send all data directly to reception. The time-controlled announcement texts are also very useful: opening times, special offers – it means that the right announcement is always selected. Even the images from the surveillance cameras can be selected using my COMfortel 2600 IP desk phone – an IP telephone with a colour touchscreen display and every imaginable amenity – all at the press of a button!"

Sales partners

Following partners do not only know the FONtevo products but as well the country-specific characteristics you will always find in telecommunications. Here you will get the matching products with the adaptations for the telephone network of the relevant country plus support if questions will come up.

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