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Municipal administration 132
Martin S., Deputy Head of an authority with 132 employees:

As is well known, authorities bear a particular responsibility when it comes to equipment procurement. Therefore, we placed great emphasis on sustainability and long-term cost reduction through VoIP and process optimisation during our call for tender for a communication system, i.e. we wanted to save as much time as possible for employees. The tender from FONtevo scored the best, especially as the hardware was exceptionally energy-efficient – the stipulations from our 'Green IT' program were thus fulfilled. A COMmander 6000RX and 42 new telephones (COMfortel 1200/COMfortel 1600) were purchased – the rest of our equipment was easy to transfer over, as were the office peripherals. The work processes have benefited enormously from the installation, partly because we were able to integrate new software, bringing us one step closer to the 'paperless office'. And if we switch our IT structure to IPv6 in the next year, the COMmander can be adapted with just a free software update and absolutely no additional charges."

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