COMfortel® 1600

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This ISDN system phone follows your orders instantly – simply place your finger on the graphic display.


  • Illuminated graphic display with touch function
  • Automatic detection of S0 or UP0 connection

  • Optimal acoustic properties
  • Local telephone book with 1600 entries
  • Programmable function keys for engaged, direct dialling and system functions
COMfortel® 1600
COMfortel® 1600
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Why should a modern ISDN system phone need soft keys to use the display? The all-new COMfortel 1600 proves that progress is unstoppable. Its illuminated touch display ensures the easiest control: in addition to keys and the control pad, the display awaits your commands to activate functions directly. The design also features superior ergonomics: the attractive two-tone housing boasts large tilt feet for the perfect operating angle and visibility every time.


Wherever demands on an ISDN system phone are high, e.g. in a hotel, a doctor’s surgery or a large family, the COMfortel 1600 provides greater phoning convenience with its many practical functions, such as intelligent menu navigation and an internal phonebook that stores 1600 numbers – for rapid access in addition to the entries in your telephone system’s phonebook. High-quality audio components ensure optimum acoustic properties. The overall design is highly practical, as demonstrated by the separate socket for corded headsets (e.g. COMfortel H-100 analogue): it automatically identifies analogue headsets.


The touch display introduces a whole new level of operating convenience however – whether you want to quickly and intuitively control the telephone system from your desk or simply enjoy a state-of-the-art ISDN phone. Even in a private environment, the new COMfortel 1600 convinces with its monochrome graphic touch display (the presentation of which can be inverted) and individually programmable function keys. It’s fun, and it makes for much more intuitive control!


And once you connect the phone to our PBX system, you can count on one important detail that we have developed ourselves: it automatically detects the connection type (S0 or UP0)! And since the system connection also provides the power supply, you won’t need a separate power pack. The energy-saving measures are also outstanding: thanks to LEDs and intelligent power management which e.g. automatically switches off the display lighting, power consumption is kept at an all-time low.


Features & technical data

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System functions

  • Calling number and name display (CLIP/CNIP) if registered in the local and the central phone book of the branded PBX
  • Automatic detection of S0 or UP0 connection

  • Automatic background illumination with adjustable brightness and switch-on time
  • Illuminated graphic display with touch function
  • Ringtone, handset and hands-free speaker volume adjustable

Supported communication platforms

  • COMpact 3000 series
  • COMpact 4000
  • COMpact 2206 USB, 4410 USB
  • COMpact 5010 VoIP, 5020 VoIP
  • COMpact 5000, 5000R

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 113 / Width (mm) 275 / Depth (mm) 210 / max. Height (mm) 155
User elements Keypad with vanity code 1 / Function keys 12 / Freely programmable function keys 15
Operating voltage via the internal S0 or UP0 port of the telephone system
Display touch concept Touch concept recurrent
Display resolution Height (px) 32 / Width (px) 128
Display type Type illuminated graphic display, monochrome
Colour black
Telephone hook magnetic switch contact
Casing material plastic
Weight (g) Phone 980
Headset separate interface for corded headsets
Loudspeaker Resistance (Ω) 8 / Diameter 2 (mm) 52
LEDs partly multicolored / 18
Power consumption minimum 0.9 / maximum 1.7
System connection Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (10/100MBit/s, RJ-45 twisted pair)
Phone receiver Wideband audio, electret microphone, dynamic receiver, hearing aid compatible
Delivery scope
  • Basic unit
  • Handset with connection cable
  • ISDN cable RJ-45/RJ-45 (approx. 3 m long)
  • Installation manual and quick start guide

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Petra S., Agency Partner with 12 employees

"I was aware of the theory behind the fact that good office organisation is only half the story of course but to what extent the installation of an ICT system would bring us closer to this goal remained to be proven. We were impressed with the COMpact 4000 immediately, and not just because it always looks for the most economical dialling code automatically – even for mobile telephone calls when on the road. For us, it was important to be able to call customers via Outlook with a single mouse click for example. As was the ability to operate door intercoms through the telephone. This not only works through the COMfortel 1600, which all workstations are equipped with, but my cordless telephone COMfortel M-210 can do this as well. All-in-all, the system has proved to be beneficial: our customers are connected directly to the desired contact by the 'automatic reception' and the call charges for all calls are recorded in our accounting systems. Furthermore, because the system is connected to our database, in addition to seeing which client is currently calling, their business data is also shown on the monitor immediately. I find the 'PBX Manager' particularly useful – it is an app I can use from home on my smartphone to see who has tried to contact me or sent me a fax."

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"As is well known, authorities bear a particular responsibility when it comes to equipment procurement. Therefore, we placed great emphasis on sustainability and long-term cost reduction through VoIP and process optimisation during our call for tender for a communication system, i.e. we wanted to save as much time as possible for employees. The tender from FONtevo scored the best, especially as the hardware was exceptionally energy-efficient – the stipulations from our 'Green IT' program were thus fulfilled. A COMmander 6000RX and 42 new telephones (COMfortel 1200 / COMfortel 1600) were purchased – the rest of our equipment was easy to transfer over, as were the office peripherals. The work processes have benefited enormously from the installation, partly because we were able to integrate new software, bringing us one step closer to the 'paperless office'. And if we switch our IT structure to IPv6 in the next year, the COMmander can be adapted with just a free software update and absolutely no additional charges."

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