COMpact 5500R

Article number 16336

A fully modular VoIP appliance with a maximum of 20 exchange lines and 50 subscribers, with expansion possibilities for ISDN and FXO trunk lines as well as with gateways for analogue (FXS) and ISDN subscribers, in a 19" housing for rack mounting.


  • Up to 32 VoIP channels simultaneously, of which 20 can be configured for external use (internet telephony)
  • Up to 50 VoIP subscribers
  • Up to 20 ISDN or 20 analogue subscribers
  • Second Ethernet interface for the separation of data and VoIP
  • System telephony with digital VoIP and ISDN telephones from the COMfortel® series

COMpact 5500R
COMpact 5500R
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No matter whether you're a promising new start-up or an established company that's planning to expand - this VoIP appliance can help keep all your options open. The brand new COMpact 5500R has the ability to cope with increasing demands built into its DNA. Thanks to its fully modular architecture, even its base configuration, designed for up to 12 VoIP subscribers, can also handle up to 50 subscribers (including remote extensions) and also provide all the functions of a "large“ IP server.


When it comes to “traditional telecommunication” this system makes life really easy: analogue and ISDN subscriber ports can be retrofitted as integrated gateways, for example, for existing telephones. The specially designed templates make setting up the VoIP trunks for all the major providers as easy as child's play. Even the "traditional" FXO and BRI connection types can be retrofitted using modules if required.


This compact system has excellent credentials when it comes to climate protection: Auerswald is the world's first manufacturer to have its ICT systems Blue Angel certified. This also covers the COMpact 5500R.


Features & technical data

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System functions

  • Trunk line authorisations for reduction of costs and for multi-company operation
  • System profiles (10 configurations max.) switchable by internal clock or manually by phone (internal and external)
  • Door terminal to exchange line calls (pharmacy function)
  • Automatic system-wide exchange line request
  • Busy-on-busy for internal and external calls, dynamical applicable for logged-in Call Agents (system firmware from 7.2)

SIP convenience features for standard SIP phones

  • SIP-BLF, Busy Lamp Field acc. to RFC 4235
  • Pick-up pre-check
  • SIP-MWI (Message Waiting Indication), monitoring of the central voicemail and fax boxes acc. to RFC 3842
  • SIP text messages acc. to RFC 3428
  • Auto provisioning and status LEDs (currently for Yealink and Snom telephones)

Central address books

  • 2,000 contacts incl. photo, addresses and phone numbers
  • Separate address books for departments and multi-company operation
  • Comfortable operation via COMfortel system phones
  • Security access levels for administrator and user
  • Address book provisioning via LDAP

Building and home automation

  • Max. 24 actuators, e.g. a/b Switching Modules or via http with IP switching relays
  • KNX/EIB integration via IP, e.g. with GIRA HomeServer
  • Time or key controlled operation of heating systems, aircondition lighting or blinds
  • Full integration of VoIP and analogue door intercom systems
  • Support for IP video intercom systems (with COMfortel 1400 IP, 2600 IP und 3600 IP)

VoIP telephony

  • 8 VoIP channels (external/internal) included, expansion to 32 VoIP channels possible
  • Dynamic internal/external VoIP channels
  • Fax over IP external (T.38 acc. ITU-T)
  • Excellent sound quality due to optimised echo cancellation and wideband audio with G.722 (system firmware from7.2)
  • Remote extensions and mobile VoIP clients integration

Voicemail and fax

  • 1 voicemail channel and 1 voicemail box included, expansion to up to 8 voicemail and fax channels with up to 60 boxes each
  • Fax sending4 via the network (Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X), extension required
  • Storage of the voice and fax messages on USB memory (not included)
  • Recording capacity (integrated storage 4 GByte): approx. 120 hours voice messages incl. announcements or approx. 3,500 fax pages
  • Call acceptance and individual announcements, depending on calling number, time and call type

UCC functions

  • Call setup and ending via the PC, incl. Outlook plug-in
  • Presence management with automatic status detection
  • Call journal
  • Instant messaging for all PBX Call Assist users
  • Contact data for local users and out of external data bases

Software interfaces

  • Recalling call data via SFTP
  • LAN TAPI (4 clients in scope of delivery)
  • Online name search (reverse search), adaptable
  • PBX Control API, e.g. retrieve caller lists, call forwarding ON/OFF, configuration switching, sending of fax/voicemail, switching relays, alarm status

Installation and maintenance

  • Note: System activation by specialised dealer necessary (costs possible)
  • Administration via web interface, secure access via https
  • System access local via Ethernet and remote via Internet
  • System software update via local or remote PC upload
  • Central configuration of IP telephones (security by using certificates)

Unlockable options

  • Expansion with 8 VoIP channels to 16, 24 or 32 channels (a maximum of 32 VoIP channels possible in the system)
  • Auto Attendant
  • Hotel function (with COMfortel 1400, 1600 and 2600)
  • LAN-TAPI (for all subscribers), 4 included
  • PBX Call Assist 2

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 88 / Width (mm) 325 / Depth (mm) 240
S0 ports 3 / Multiple devices/PBX connection (PTMP, PTP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) 6 / VoIP channels (SIP as per RFC 3261) 20 / Multiple devices/PBX connection (SIP trunking) 14
Analogue subscriber connections (symmetrical, pulse dialling/DTMF, CLIP/CNIP capability) 20
Audio outputs (via analogue ports) 4
Operating voltage Voltage (V) 230 / Tolerance (%) 10 / Frequency (Hz) 50
Casing material Plastic, metal bracket
Weight (g) 1700 / Unit g
Internal S0 ports, multi-device connectivity (PTMP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) 10
Power consumption minimum (W) 5 / maximum (W) 65
Module slots COMpact 2BRI, 4FXS, 2FXO 5 / COMpact NET 1
PC connections (10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted-pair), full/half duplex, auto-negotiation) PC connections (10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted-pair), full/half duplex, auto-negotiation) 2
Range (approx.) of internal S0 ports 150
Range (approx.) of UP0 ports Range (approx.) in m 1000 / for cable diameter (⌀) (mm) 0.6
Range of analogue ports Resistance (Ω) 2 / Resistance factor (Ω) 50 / Range (approx.) in m 800 / for cable diameter (⌀) (mm) 0.6
Switch relay (Auerswald a/b switching module or IP switch relay) 24
Memory ports (USB 2.0) USB host V2.0
Door intercom connections (to analogue TLN connections or as VOIP TLN) 8
UP0 ports, multi-device connectivity (PTMP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) 10
Voice mail and fax Number of channels 8 / Number of voice mail/fax boxes 60
VoIP codecs on the exchange line G.711, G.726, G.729, iLBC, G.722
VoIP codecs internally G.722, G.711, G.726
VoIP channels internally (SIP as per RFC3261) 32
VoIP subscriber (with over-commitment) 50
Delivery scope
  • Base unit COMpact 5X00
  • Ethernet cable
  • Installation and setup guide

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Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Advertising agency

Designed for agencies undergoing dynamic change
Sector Employees
Agencies and law firms 30
Marcus F., Managing Director with 30 employees

"As we're still a young agency, we have experienced enormous growth over the last three years – at one time we had a team of just 8, but now we have 30 employees, making purchasing a PBX all the more urgent. However, we wanted to transfer over our existing analogue desk telephones and DECT handsets and a switchover to VoIP was also on our wish list too. The specialised dealer suggested the new COMpact 5500R from FONtevo because VoIP is integrated in the system from the outset since our provider will soon be cutting the current connection. To begin with, every employee was assigned a personal voice mailbox and fax box. Three additional COMfortel 1400 IP telephones and a COMfortel 3600 IP for the reception mean that we now feel very well equipped. As an aside, all four new telephones can also operate the video intercom through their colour touchscreens. Last but not least, I have also recently been able to access the PBX remotely: thanks to the 'PBX Manager' app, I can see on my iPhone if a caller has tried to contact me or has left a message. The ability to activate the call forwarding using my mobile telephone when already travelling is absolutely inspired. This is one thing in particular that I frequently forget to do in the agency."

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