COMmander® 6000R

Article number 16671

Full modular communication server (ISDN, VoIP) for seamless VoIP integration with up to 38 trunk lines, up to 112 subscribers and 5 module slots, in a 19” housing for rack mounting.


  • Up to 38 exchange calls simultaneously via ISDN and/or VoIP
  • Up to 112 VoIP subscribers
  • Up to 64 ISDN and 32 analogue subscribers
  • Up to 64 VoIP channels simultaneously, of which 38 can be configured for external use (internet telephony)
  • System telephony with digital VoIP and ISDN devices from the COMfortel® series

COMmander® 6000R
COMmander® 6000R
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Even if you want to start with a small system at first – our COMmander 6000R with its fully modular design makes a perfect investment in the future. It is suitable for 19” racks, offers 38 exchange channels and up to 112 internal ports. To connect with the public telephone network, you may choose between VoIP exchange channels, ISDN basic lines and a primary rate interface, while internal participants share the VoIP, ISDN and analogue connections.


Its full potential, however, lies idle until your demands increase and your communication requirements grow. Are you hoping to enjoy uninterrupted communication via wireless DECT system phones, or do you have a centralized voicemail and fax system with Unified Messaging in mind? No problem – simply plug the relevant extension into one of the COMmander 6000R’s five open slots. The number of slots can even be extended to 15 if required. You can also tap the advantages of the “Cloud” for your company.


This high-performance server can easily be integrated into your local network which ensures that all your subsidiaries and home offices are optimally connected to the system. Integrated web applications also enable you to configure and maintain your system from herever you happen to be! The COMmander 6000R is designed to be integrated in structured cable networks. Connections are easily accessible via patch panels with RJ-45 jacks, and retrofitting the system with extension modules is done directly on the front panel. As you see, this system can be designed to meet your requirements perfectly – from the smallest expansion stage up to the full version.


Features & technical data

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System functions

  • Trunk line authorisations for reduction of costs and for multi-company operation
  • System profiles (10 configurations max.) switchable by internal clock or manually by phone (internal and external)
  • Door terminal to exchange line calls (pharmacy function)
  • Automatic system-wide exchange line request
  • Busy-on-busy for internal and external calls, dynamical applicable for logged-in Call Agents

SIP convenience features for standard SIP phones

  • SIP-BLF, Busy Lamp Field acc. to RFC 4235 (4)

  • Pick-up pre-check (4)

  • SIP-MWI (Message Waiting Indication), monitoring of the central voicemail and fax boxes acc. to RFC 3842 (4)

  • SIP text messages acc. to RFC 3428 (4)

  • Auto provisioning and status LEDs (4),(6)

Central address books

  • 2,000 contacts incl. photo, addresses and phone numbers
  • Separate address books for departments and multi-company operation
  • Comfortable operation via COMfortel system phones
  • Security access levels for administrator and user
  • Address book provisioning via LDAP

Building and home automation

  • Max. 24 actuators, e.g. a/b Switching Modules or via http with IP switching relays
  • KNX/EIB integration via IP, e.g. with GIRA HomeServer

  • Time or key controlled operation of heating systems, aircondition lighting or blinds (1),(2)

  • Full integration of VoIP and analogue door intercom systems
  • Support for IP video intercom systems (1)

VoIP telephony

  • 2 VoIP channels (external / internal) included, expansion to 64 VoIP channels possible
  • Dynamic internal/external VoIP channels
  • Fax over IP external (T.38 acc. ITU-T)
  • Excellent sound quality due to optimised echo cancellation and wideband audio with G.722

  • Remote extensions and mobile VoIP clients integration

Voicemail and fax

  • 2 voicemail channels and 4 voicemail boxes included, expansion to up to 16 voicemail and fax channels with up to 120 boxes each
  • Fax sending via the network (Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X), extension required (4)

  • Call acceptance and individual announcements, depending on calling number, time and call type
  • Comfortable operation via corded COMfortel system phones
  • Substitute function

UCC functions

  • Presence management with automatic status detection (4)

  • Call journal
  • Instant messaging for a better sharing of information (4)

  • Contact data for local users and out of external data bases (4)

  • Call setup and ending via the PC, incl. Outlook plug-in (4)

Software interfaces

  • Recalling call data via SFTP
  • LAN TAPI (8 clients in scope of delivery)
  • Online name search (reverse search), adaptable
  • PBX Control API, e.g. retrieve caller lists, call forwarding ON/OFF, configuration switching, sending of fax/voicemail, switching relays, alarm status (start, acknowledgment, timeout), hotel (room status, call list, wake up call) 

Installation and maintenance

  • Note: System activation by specialised dealer necessary (costs possible)
  • Administration via web interface, secure access via https
  • System access local via Ethernet and remote via Internet
  • System software update via local or remote PC upload
  • Central configuration of IP telephones (security by using certificates)

Unlockable options

  • 8 additional VoIP channels for 8/16VoIP (R-)Modules, up to 64 VoIP channels possible
  • 8 additional voicemail/fax channels, 40 additional voicemail and 40 additional fax boxes for the VMF Module
  • Auto Attendant (4)

  • Call through connections (all lines), 4 simultaneous connections included
  • Call data records (up to 18,000), 6,000 included


  • PBX Manager with Switching of call forwardings Log-in/-out in groups Retrieving of messages

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 265 / Width (mm) 483 / Depth (mm) 245
S0 ports 16 / Multiple devices/PBX connection (PTMP, PTP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) 38 / VoIP channels (SIP as per RFC 3261) 38 / Multiple devices/PBX connection (SIP trunking) 38 / External channels (mixed analogue, S0, VoIP) 38 / When using a S2M module with 30 channels, a maximum of 4 S0 ports can still be configured as exchange line connections
Analogue subscriber connections (symmetrical, pulse dialling/DTMF, CLIP/CNIP capability) 32
Audio outputs (via analogue ports) 4
Power rating door opener relay 30 V AC, max. 1 A
Operating voltage Voltage (V) 230 / Tolerance (%) 10 / Frequency (Hz) 50
Installation depth approx. 300 mm from front panel (including cable entryrear)
Casing material closed 19 "rack, 6 HU
Weight (g) 4600 / Unit g
Internal S0 ports, multi-device connectivity (PTMP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) 32
Power consumption minimum (W) 7.1 / maximum (W) 70
Module slots 5 (15 after enclosure expansion) slots for COMmander8 / 16VoIP-R module(s), S2M-R module, 4S0-R module (s), 8S0 RM module(s), 8UP0-R module(s), 8a / bR module(s) , VMF-R module and 2TSM-R module(s)
PC connections (10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted-pair), full/half duplex, auto-negotiation) PC connections (10/100 Base-T (10/100 MBit/s, twisted-pair), full/half duplex, auto-negotiation) 1
Range (approx.) of internal S0 ports 150
Range (approx.) of UP0 ports Range (approx.) in m 1000 / for cable diameter (⌀) (mm) 0.6
Range of analogue ports Resistance (Ω) 50 / Resistance factor (Ω) 2 / Range (approx.) in m 790 / for cable diameter (⌀) (mm) 0.6
Door intercom connections (to analogue TLN connections or as VOIP TLN) 8 / max. 8 after FTZ 123 D12-0
UP0 ports, multi-device connectivity (PTMP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1) 32
USB host V2.0 Toll printer or voicemail storage
Voice mail and fax Number of channels 16 / Number of voice mail/fax boxes 120
VoIP codecs on the exchange line G.729
VoIP codecs internally G.729
VoIP channels internally (SIP as per RFC3261) 64
VoIP subscriber (with over-commitment) 112
Delivery scope
  • Basic unit
  • Ethernet cable
  • Network cable

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Telecommunication solutions for transport and logistics – Haulage

Available anytime, anywhere – essential for a haulage company
Sector Employees
Transport and logistics 43
Harry W., Head of company with 43 employees

The majority of our customers expect an answer the first time they call because scheduling is everything in the haulage industry. The prospect of giving the impression that the office is unstaffed even for a split second is simply unthinkable. That is why we were interested in a fail-safe and flexible solution that not only means that we are no longer tied to our desk, but also enables quick decision-making even when key employees are travelling. We decided on a COMmander 6000R communication system. Now I can always coordinate with my employees immediately and, thanks to call forwarding and call transfers, the new system prevents orders from slipping through our fingers as easily. Callers are warmly greeted by the PBX and then forwarded directly to the desired contact. What's more, every employee has their own voice mailbox and fax box. Everything has become so much more simple: our customer database is connected to the server – this is not only practical when I want to make a call myself but it also means that you can see immediately who is calling and can respond more personally. We have fairly large business premises here yet, with the combination of desk telephones COMfortel 2600 IP and mobile devices COMfortel M-100 and M-210, everyone can be reached everywhere. And, as we continue to grow, the system will simply grow with us."


Telecommunication solutions for trade and production – Plant engineering company

How production companies keep in touch
Sector Employees
Trade and production 25
Martin E., Managing Partner with 25 employees

"We have fairly large premises here with several assembly facilities where our engineers always disappear into a 'dead zone'. In complete ignorance once, we asked one of the 'big names' in the telephone industry just how much such a professional IP DECT solution would cost – we almost fell of our chairs when we heard the amount. It was when looking for alternatives that we then came across a specialised dealer situated just nearby. He carried out a DECT measurement on-site at our premises without further ado, strategically positioned six radio cells (COMfortel IP DECT system with Server WS-650 IP and six WS-Base). Since then, everything has worked perfectly, and we are very happy with our new cordless handsets M-100 which are really insensitive to rough treatment. The best bit: we were able to continue using our existing PBX, a COMmander 6000R, which supplied our 24 analogue desktop phones and both COMfortel 2600 IP phones, even though the entire premises is only called via VoIP. So, we got exactly what we wanted for a fraction of the cost. We then invested the money we saved in video surveillance: there are now four IP cameras mounted in the entrance areas – I can conjure up the images at the touch of a button on the display of my new COMfortel 3600 IP whenever I want to."

Telecommunication solutions for hotel and hospitality – Hotel

Tailor-made solution for hotels with up to 50 rooms
Sector Employees
Hotel and hospitality 26
Carl A., Managing Director with 26 employees

"When it comes to telephones for a hotel, there are always two perspectives: the guest wants a simple end device that is reasonably attractive in appearance, whereas for the personnel it is an important tool for guaranteeing perfect service. In this respect, there was plenty of room for improvement, something that has been made clear since we had a specialised dealer install new room telephones COMfortel 1200. He couldn't understand, for example, why it rang for so long when he called from time to time and he also made a few suggestions for monitoring. We now have a server COMmander 6000R that has proved its worth in every way possible: for checking in and checking out, for determining the room status, for invoicing, for automatically recording telephone charges and items taken from the minibar, for wake-up calls and much more. Above all, callers no longer need to wait to get through. When the front office is called directly, the automatic reception greets the caller and forwards the call on. In addition to an advantage in terms of service, we are now better equipped when it comes to security too. We can play the specific images from our IP cameras on the COMfortel 3600 IP telephone display by simply pressing the key. Bulky monitors are therefore no longer necessary."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – Car dealership

Putting car dealerships into the fast lane
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 22
George Z., Managing Partner with 22 employees

"On good days we accept up to eighty incoming calls at our headquarters alone – I cannot and have no desire to accept them all myself. To ensure that no one has to wait for long, the PBX COMmander 6000R sounds whenever anyone is interested in a test drive, is put through to the workshop or wants to offer their vehicle for sale. The whole process is quick and customers are happy that they don't need to explain what they actually want three times over. The best bit: our database is linked directly to the PBX. If, for example, one of my regular customers calls, their name and other important details appear on the display before I've even picked up the receiver. It also works the other way around too: if I want to call a customer, all I have to do is search for them in the central address book and click on the number. And if I don't want to be interrupted during a call, a simple press of a button is all it takes to pass all calls to my secretary. We have fairly large business premises here and three additional locations, but since we installed a COMfortel WS-650 IP multi-cell DECT system, everyone really is contactable at the drop of a hat – even if they are at another site. The DECT handsets – we all have the COMfortel M-100 in various colours – at the other locations are also connected to our switchboard. Nothing has ever made us so easy to contact before."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – DIY store

Available nationwide – indispensable for DIY stores!
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 36
Oliver K., Authorised Officer with 36 employees

"I was tasked with reviewing our entire communication system and bringing it up-to-date. After obtaining quotes from various providers, we quickly decided on a COMmander 6000. It wasn't down to the price saving alone, but because of the impressive concept as a whole. The system not only controls our IP DECT system down to the last corner of the warehouse, but also proves itself with sales-supporting measures such as special promotions that are advertised by the voicemail system as well as announcements. With almost 20 DECT COMfortel M-100 handsets, we have integrated all departments and areas in such a way that absolutely everyone can be reached. Of course, every department manager also has their own answering machine that is managed centrally by the COMmander. As we have a large sales area including external areas, monitoring is crucial. In this respect, the engineer who installed the system provided fantastic service by installing webcams in the network. Now both our security and office personnel can control cameras individually using the COMfortel 2600 IP and COMfortel 3600 IP telephones and respond appropriately to any incidents straight away."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – DIY store

Supporting food shops and supermarkets with sales
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 34
Peter W., Managing Director with 34 employees

"We have recently added a COMmander 6000R specifically as part of a comprehensive solution that makes our work much easier. First of all, this PBX provides every imaginable telephony comfort. But, in addition to this, the system also controls many more things such as announcements in the sales room via the a/b audio box. This can be done by every device. It also controls the EC cash devices: as they are connected to the PBX, they send all data directly to reception. The time-controlled announcement texts are also very useful: opening times, special offers – it means that the right announcement is always selected. Even the images from the surveillance cameras can be selected using my COMfortel 2600 IP desk phone – an IP telephone with a colour touchscreen display and every imaginable amenity – all at the press of a button!"

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