PBX Manager

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Application to control and configure a FONtevo ICT system


  • Multi-accounting – several accounts in one app

  • Switch call forwarding

  • Log in/out in groups via the smartphone

  • Retrieve fax messages

  • Play back voicemail messages

PBX Manager
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If you want to conveniently check the status of your FONtevo ICT system and control vital functions – from your home or on the go – take our smartphone app PBX Manager.


It’s designed both for Apple® iOS and Google Android™, and it lets you see right away if a caller has tried to reach you over your extension, left a message or sent you a fax. In case you forgot to activate the call diversion to your mobile phone or to set the ICT system on weekend operation, simply do it from wherever you happen to be! All it takes to use PBX Manager is that your Auerswald ICT system is part of your network and connected with the Internet.


You can obtain PBX Manager (formerly known as PBX Control) directly in the Apple® App Store or at Google Play. There's no need to install any further software on your home or office PC because this app communicates directly with your ICT system.


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  • Multi-accounting1

  • Retrieve fax messages1

  • Play back voicemail messages1

  • Log in/out in groups1

  • View caller lists1

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

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