Cost-reducing, margin- and sales-optimising – IP communication from FONtevo with release 7.4

Stay flexible and reduce your costs by using solutions that you can adapt to your requirements! Whether you opt for a pure VoIP appliance for your business communication or you require modules for traditional interfaces, such as fax machines, with COMpact 5500R or COMpact 5200(R) you profit from unlimited flexibility.
Depending on customer requirements, in the COMpact 5500R you can install up to 5 modules (Classic mode) or use the ICT system as a pure VoIP appliance, which will provide you with 80 VoIP channels (Maximum VoIP) if no hybrid interfaces are required.

You can also exploit all the sales opportunities when selecting your terminal devices. Whether system telephones, new SIP telephones from FONtevo or even SIP devices from other manufacturers*, Auto Provisioning enables the simple and seamless integration of these terminal devices in our fail-safe FONtevo ICT systems. If you’ve already invested in SIP terminal devices you can offer the utmost investment protection. The FONtevo system automatically detects the respective terminal device with open SIP standard when installed, which then sends the correct configuration and off you go…

Therefore, system telephony with plug-and-play provisioning works irrespective of the manufacturer - with 80% less set-up effort, this reduces your costs and provides a sustained optimisation of your margins.

Check out our webinar and be impressed with the options the new firmware 7.4 has to offer, and how particularly the VoIP channel expansion functions with the ICT systems COMpact 5500R and COMpact 5200(R). This will take you directly to the recording (please click here). Please have a look at our FAQ videos and discover how the Auto Provisioning works with the new COMfortel D series (please click here) as well as with other manufacturers’ systems (Snom, Yealink, Polycom), and how the templates are used to simplify the configuration (please click here).