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Steve P., Organic Farmer 4 (family) employees:

Our dairy farm doesn't generate much customer traffic – apart from our farm shop. Naturally, contact with the dairy I do most of my business with, has to work every time. As a result, I have had a cordless DECT system specially installed, so that I can be reached anywhere on the farm. In any case, calls are also forwarded to my mobile telephone when I'm out and about. The thing that clinched it for the new COMpact 4000 PBX was the easy control over reporting systems and cameras: whenever a cow is about to begin calving, I mount a mini camera in their stall and then I can monitor her on my desk phone (COMfortel 1400 IP). A brief glance is all it takes for me to decide whether it is necessary to go out or not. The fire detectors distributed throughout the stalls are even more important, as are the two temperature sensors in the milking plant. All six sensors are connected to a single automatic dialler (WG-640), which automatically calls the programmed numbers if anything happens. The cooling system once fell into the milk tank and I received a call from the device immediately."

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