TFS-Dialog 400 sw

Article number 90061

Elegant door terminal system with glass panel – connects to almost any telephone system.


  • Operation on the analogue extension connection of a PBX from the own or other brands
  • 1 – 4 doorbell buttons (free configurable)
  • Code lock function
  • Programming of numbers and functions via app (Android und iOS)
  • Name plate illumination without additional power supply
TFS-Dialog 400 sw
TFS-Dialog 400 sw
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The TFS-Dialog 400 door terminal system with its elegant glass panel and indirect lighting isn’t just attractive – it also sets new standards in functionality. The number of doorbell buttons can be set from 1 to 4 and the TFS-Dialog 400 even offers a convenient code lock function. Best of all, the system is easy to configure using an app from an Android or iOS device.


The TFS-Dialog 400 is connected directly to an analogue subscriber port on your telephone system by means of a 2-core cable and behaves like a telephone: when the doorbell button is pressed, an internal or external phone number is dialled.


Features & technical data

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  • Operation on analogue subscriber ports of a branded or other PBX system
  • High quality housing with noble glass panel
  • 1 – 4 doorbell buttons (TFS-Dialog 201 to 204), optional usable as light key
  • Code lock function
  • Name plate illumination with maintenance-free LED technology, without additional power supply

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 220 / Width (mm) 140 / Depth (mm) 28
Operating voltage 16-60 V DC (powering the lights via bell transformer) or 19-60 V DC (feeding name badge lighting via a / b port)
Operating voltage via door bell transformer (recommended) Voltage minimum (V) 16 / Voltage maximum (V) 60
Casing material plastic
Weight approx. 980 Weight (g) 680
Contact load capacity of ringer output and stair light (AC) Current (A) 12
Contact load capacity of ringer output and stair light (DC) Current (A) 40 / Voltage (V) 1
Contact load capacity of door opener (AC) Current (A) 12
Contact load capacity of door opener (DC) Current (A) 40 / Voltage (V) 2
Loudspeaker dimensions Diameter 2 (mm) 40 / Diameter 2 (mm) 20
Material of front panel/mounting plate glas
Loop current (active lighting, active call) minimum (mA) 20 / maximum (mA) 60
Protection rating IP 44
Temperature range minimum (mA) -20 / maximum (mA) 50 / Minimum(°C) -20°C / Maximum(°C) +50°C
Supply connection PBX a/b port
Type of dialling DTMF DTMF
Delivery scope
  • Door terminal TFS-Dialog 400
  • Connection and user manual
  • Labelling foil
  • Socket wrench

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