COMfortel® WS-400 IP

Article number 90148

Professional IP-DECT server with 6 VoIP channels for 12 DECT handsets that can be connected to SIP-based PBX systems. Can optionally be extended to a multi-cell server with 12 VoIP channels and support for up to 30 wireless users (DECT handsets).


  • Delivers high-quality and secure communication throughout the company
  • Optimal availability of employees due to increased site mobility
  • Flexible wireless coverage with up to 4 DECT radio cells (COMfortel® WS-Base)

  • Registration of up to 30 handsets
  • Up to 12 simultaneous voice channels between IP DECT server and the PBX
COMfortel® WS-400 IP
COMfortel® WS-400 IP
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In its basic configuration, as a single-cell server, the COMfortel WS-400 IP DECT server has six VoIP call channels to the PBX system, allowing the connection of up to 12 DECT handsets. If required, the capacity can easily be expanded to 12 VoIP channels, thus enabling the connection of up to 30 DECT handsets. Additionally, this optional software upgrade turns the device into a multi-cell server, enabling the connection of up to three additional IP DECT base stations (COMfortel WS-Base).


Incidentally, the wireless network connecting the individual bases operates with “seamless handover” – users can make uninterrupted phone calls with a DECT handset while moving between the radio cells. Its professional features, such as access to address books provided centrally via LDAP or the cloud, or the scalability from 1 to 4 radio cells and up to 30 mobile users, make the system ideal for small to medium businesses.


To serve more users and cover a larger area or even multiple locations, WS-400 IP can easily be upgraded to a multi-cell solution. The COMfortel WS-400 IP multi-cell server can be extended by up to three additional COMfortel WS-Base DECT bases and, if required, by up to three COMfortel WS-R2/R4 repeaters to extend the range of each base.


The entire IP DECT wireless system consists of several components: the COMfortel WS-400 IP server (including a DECT base station), additional base stations COMfortel WS-Base (multi-cell upgrade), COMfortel WS-R2/R4 repeaters to extend the operating range if necassary, and our COMfortel M-100, M-210 or M-310 DECT handsets.


Features & technical data

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Phone Features

  • Registration of up to 12 wireless users
  • 6 simultaneous voice calls to the PBX
  • Multi-cell operation as an activation option
  • High-quality and secure voice communication
  • Web UI for administration and maintenance of the entire infrastructure

Upgrade Multi-cell System

  • Registration of up tp 30 handsets possible
  • 12 simultaneous voice calls to the PBX
  • Option to extend the radio coverage with 3 additional base stations (COMfortel WS-Base)
  • Seamless Handover – uninterrupted voice calls when roaming between radio cells in a multi-cell environment

Supported communication platforms

  • COMpact 4000
  • COMpact 5000, 5000R
  • COMpact 5200, 5200R
  • COMpact 5500R
  • COMpact 5020 VoIP

Supported DECT handsets

  • COMfortel M-100
  • COMfortel M-210
  • COMfortel M-310

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 100 / Width (mm) 100 / Depth (mm) 38
Base stations Value integrated a radio base; with multi-cell upgrade up to 3 COMfortel WS-Base can be added (4 radio cells in total)
Operating voltage Voltage (V) / Power over Ethernet (PoE Class 1 device according to IEEE 802.3af) or external power supply unit 8 V (not included)
Operating temperature (°C) minimum 10 / maximum 40
Colour white
Radio channels Max. 11 simultaneous voice channels per radio cell (limited by DECT standard)
Casing material plastic
Weight (g) Phone 120
Handsets Value up to 12 handsets (with multi-cell upgrade up to 30) COMfortel M-100 / M-210 / M-310 connectable
Storage temperature (°C) minimum -50 / maximum 70
Power consumption minimum 2.8 / maximum 6.5
Range (approx.) outdoors (m) 300 / in buildings (m) 50
Relative humidity (%) minimum 20 / maximum 80 / Supplement (not condensing)
Repeaters per base station Value up to 3 COMfortel WS-R2 / R4 per base
System connection Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (10/100MBit/s, RJ-45 twisted pair)
Transmission protocol GAP, DECT
VoIP codecs G.729 / G.711, G.726
VoIP log file SIP compliant to RFC 3261
VoIP transmission channels (concurrently between IP-DECT and PBX) maximum 6
Delivery scope
  • COMfortel WS-400 IP
  • Mounting hardware (screws and dowels)
  • Setup Guide (de/en)

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Compatible products


Telecommunication solutions for healthcare – Doctor's surgery

Auerswald provides the best formula for practising doctors
Sector Employees
Healthcare 5
Marcus W., General Practitioner with 5 employees

"It is hard to imagine how difficult it would be to organise the practice without our new PBX – a COMpact 4000. Now, when a patient calls, their file opens on the computer monitor automatically. Patients also appreciate that they can get through straight away, because there is effectively no longer a 'busy' response. Things such as opening the door or adjusting the answering machine don't require any further action and there is no need for an additional device to make announcements in the waiting and treatment room. The COMfortel 2600 IP that we have in reception easily takes care of this. Thanks to the connected cameras, it also provides an overview of both waiting rooms. With the constant change from one treatment room to the next, the cordless DECT telephones, together with the base station COMfortel WS-400 IP, ensure that everyone can still be reached and, where this is not possible from time to time during a treatment, then the personal voice mailbox takes over. All in all, we have not only become easier to contact and thus more flexible, but significantly less time is being spent on administrative tasks. I also find it particularly convenient that the door intercom – also from Auerswald – can switch over to the mobile telephone and can be programmed in such a way that an announcement is played back. And if an emergency call is needed – thankfully a rare occurrence – I can rely on the system, even to interrupt an incoming call."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – Branch operation

Successfully networking branches
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 62
Julia B., Executive Assistant with 62 employees

"When I was asked to obtain quotes for a modern telephone system, I had certain search criteria in mind, from Voice over IP to unified communications, but otherwise I had very little knowledge. A specialised dealer then took the time to go through the quotes with me point by point. It then became very clear that the cheapest option was also the best. Since then, we have had a telephone server (COMmander 6000RX) that connects practically our entire company. Every branch can make telephone calls economically over the internet – but everything is controlled by the server in reception. It also features an interface for connecting our ERP and CRM systems that are linked using the 'ESTOS ProCall' software. This means that we don't just have presence management that incorporates all branches, if a customer calls it is also possible to view the status of an order from every workstation. In any case, my boss is extremely pleased. He always takes his handset COMfortel M-210 with him when visiting a branch, meaning he is automatically linked with head office on site. As an aside, I am also very satisfied, because I now have a particularly fancy phone: it is called COMfortel 3600 IP and can be equipped with all possible apps."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – DIY store

Available nationwide – indispensable for DIY stores!
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 36
Oliver K., Authorised Officer with 36 employees

"I was tasked with reviewing our entire communication system and bringing it up-to-date. After obtaining quotes from various providers, we quickly decided on a COMmander 6000. It wasn't down to the price saving alone, but because of the impressive concept as a whole. The system not only controls our IP DECT system down to the last corner of the warehouse, but also proves itself with sales-supporting measures such as special promotions that are advertised by the voicemail system as well as announcements. With almost 20 DECT COMfortel M-100 handsets, we have integrated all departments and areas in such a way that absolutely everyone can be reached. Of course, every department manager also has their own answering machine that is managed centrally by the COMmander. As we have a large sales area including external areas, monitoring is crucial. In this respect, the engineer who installed the system provided fantastic service by installing webcams in the network. Now both our security and office personnel can control cameras individually using the COMfortel 2600 IP and COMfortel 3600 IP telephones and respond appropriately to any incidents straight away."

Telecommunication solutions for hotel and hospitality – Country inn

Big support for small hotels
Sector Employees
Hotel and hospitality 7
Mary F., Proprietor with 7 employees

"Our company was founded by my grandfather and I have been managing it for 26 years now. During this time, living standards have naturally changed several times over, but we were able to make the large technical leap by purchasing a PBX by purchasing a PBX and the appropriate desk and mobile phones (COMpact 5200 and some models of the COMfortel family). Although we only have 8 rooms, checking guests in and out was extremely time-consuming. Now it is all done by phone, meaning that even the cleaners know immediately where they can simply enter. Telephone charges are also billed automatically and are entered directly on the invoice. Wake-up calls are sent automatically and are extremely easy to program. The best thing about it however is that there is now no need for someone to stand at reception at all times. If a guest calls, they get through immediately and hear a nice greeting. The call is then forwarded to a cordless telephone and answered in person by me or an employee. The investment has paid off several times over for me: we now have better control of telephone costs and the difference in the workload simply cannot be compared. I would also like to thank the specialised dealer for extremely good advice and the perfectly executed installation."

Telecommunication solutions for trade and production – Joinery

Customised for the requirements of trade
Sector Employees
Trade and production 14
John F., Independent Master Carpenter with 14 employees

"What does a craft workshop need a PBX for? Probably to ensure the same thing that everyone wants: to be contactable any time, anywhere, to hear from the ringtone whether it is a private or business call, answering machine at least for the foremen, etc. You would have to ask my secretary if there's anything else I've missed that it can do. All I know is that she is absolutely thrilled with her desk phone with lots of keys and a large colour display (COMfortel 2600 IP with Xtension300). We now have eight cordless telephones (COMfortel M-100) at the start that vibrate and flash when there is an incoming call – this is recognisable everywhere, even if a saw is being used nearby. However, the engineer who set up the system (COMpact 4000) was something of an experimenter. He connected a motion detector to our door terminal system and knew a trick enabling us to switch the alarm system on and off via the telephone. This means that if an assembly group returns late in the evening, for example, I can 'release' the door from my mobile telephone without the alarm going off. For this alone it has already been worthwhile."

Telecommunication solutions for transport and logistics – Haulage

Available anytime, anywhere – essential for a haulage company
Sector Employees
Transport and logistics 43
Harry W., Head of company with 43 employees

The majority of our customers expect an answer the first time they call because scheduling is everything in the haulage industry. The prospect of giving the impression that the office is unstaffed even for a split second is simply unthinkable. That is why we were interested in a fail-safe and flexible solution that not only means that we are no longer tied to our desk, but also enables quick decision-making even when key employees are travelling. We decided on a COMmander 6000R communication system. Now I can always coordinate with my employees immediately and, thanks to call forwarding and call transfers, the new system prevents orders from slipping through our fingers as easily. Callers are warmly greeted by the PBX and then forwarded directly to the desired contact. What's more, every employee has their own voice mailbox and fax box. Everything has become so much more simple: our customer database is connected to the server – this is not only practical when I want to make a call myself but it also means that you can see immediately who is calling and can respond more personally. We have fairly large business premises here yet, with the combination of desk telephones COMfortel 2600 IP and mobile devices COMfortel M-100 and M-210, everyone can be reached everywhere. And, as we continue to grow, the system will simply grow with us."


Telecommunication solutions for agriculture and forestry – Organic farming

Productive solutions for agriculture and forestry
Sector Employees
Agriculture and forestry 4
Steve P., Organic Farmer with 4 employees

"Our dairy farm doesn't generate much customer traffic – apart from our farm shop. Naturally, contact with the dairy I do most of my business with, has to work every time. As a result, I have had a cordless DECT system with two handsets COMfortel M-100 specially installed, so that I can be reached anywhere on the farm. In any case, calls are also forwarded to my mobile telephone when I'm out and about. The thing that clinched it for the new COMpact 4000 PBX was the easy control over cameras: whenever a cow is about to begin calving, I mount a mini camera in their stall and then I can monitor her on my desk phone COMfortel 1400 IP. A brief glance is all it takes for me to decide whether it is necessary to go out or not."

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Insurance agency

Technology that quickly pays for itself for insurance and financial service providers
Sector Employees
Agencies and law firms 12
Petra S., Agency Partner with 12 employees

"I was aware of the theory behind the fact that good office organisation is only half the story of course but to what extent the installation of an ICT system would bring us closer to this goal remained to be proven. We were impressed with the COMpact 4000 immediately, and not just because it always looks for the most economical dialling code automatically – even for mobile telephone calls when on the road. For us, it was important to be able to call customers via Outlook with a single mouse click for example. As was the ability to operate door intercoms through the telephone. This not only works through the COMfortel 1600, which all workstations are equipped with, but my cordless telephone COMfortel M-210 can do this as well. All-in-all, the system has proved to be beneficial: our customers are connected directly to the desired contact by the 'automatic reception' and the call charges for all calls are recorded in our accounting systems. Furthermore, because the system is connected to our database, in addition to seeing which client is currently calling, their business data is also shown on the monitor immediately. I find the 'PBX Manager' particularly useful – it is an app I can use from home on my smartphone to see who has tried to contact me or sent me a fax."

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Property management

Getting the property management industry talking
Sector Employees
Agencies and law firms 21
Melanie M., Head of Department with 21 employees

We currently manage over 800 homes. If the phone rings, a quick response is often called for. Then the mobile facility troops must be deployed – at night calls are forwarded to the on-call service. To make sure that we can be reached at all times, last year we equipped both floors of the office with a DECT system for cordless telephony. The switchover from the old system went smoothly and the 'workflow' has been decidedly more efficient ever since. A couple of workstations are nevertheless still not cordless, mine being one of them. Thanks to my COMfortel 1400 IP desk phone, I am able to conveniently retrieve images from all surveillance cameras, e.g. from the underground car parks, at the touch of a button. A single PBX designed for Voice over IP (COMpact 5200) controls the whole thing. Beforehand, I had heard only positive things about this new internet telephony but, in my experience, it isn't just the voice quality that sets it apart from the "good old" ISDN telephony. The most noticeable changes in our office are: all of our customers and service providers can now be called from the central PC address book and, if they receive a call themselves, our ladies have all of the important property details on their display immediately – automatically."


Telecommunication solutions for family and career – Home office

The solution for juggling work and family life!
Sector Employees
Family and career 1
Anthony K., Self-employed with 1 employees

"As a freelancer I treasure being able to spend time with my family whenever I can. Having said that, it is important that my customers don't realise that my office is at my home. A system that makes it absolutely clear from the ringtone whether an incoming call is for business or is private was therefore just as essential as a separate overview of charges for private and business telephone calls. This isn't the only requirement that the COMpact 4000 fulfils: my company has its own voice mailbox and fax box – and so does every member of the family. So now everyone can feel responsible for operating the door intercom and door opener. The best thing is that this system makes me more independent – an app downloaded onto my phone makes sure of it. Thanks to the app PBX Manager, I can conveniently control important functions and retrieve both voicemails and faxes, all while out and about. What's more, I also treated myself to the COMfortel 2600 IP – it is extremely comfortable, can create call connections with a single keypress, forward calls to another telephone or my mobile telephone and change the announcement on my answering machine. And my family? They are delighted to have the freedom of the cordless COMfortel M-100 telephone and, of course, also that they can call each other in the house free of charge. Incidentally: outside of my business hours, in the evenings and at the weekend, the system is switched to sleep mode. This switches off the energy-saving displays and LEDs, but they still remain active."

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