COMfortel® 3600 IP

Article number 16362

Hybrid VoIP telephone – standard SIP and IP system telephone, based on Android™, with 5“ touch colour display and integrated answering machine.


  • Synchronisation of address books and calendars with Google™ services, Apple® iCloud and Microsoft® Exchange

  • Excellent acoustic properties due to wideband audio and artificial bandwidth extension for narrowband calls
  • Standard Android™ operating system allows the use of company-specific applications
  • Powerful CPU
  • Bluetooth interface for presence detection and headset connection
COMfortel® 3600 IP
COMfortel® 3600 IP
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You haven’t yet decided whether you want to go for one of our PBX solutions, a Soft PBX or an IP Centrex solution from your provider in the future? Regardless of your decision, the COMfortel 3600 IP will fit in nicely. It can be used both as a standard SIP and as an IP system telephone.


The COMfortel 3600 IP sets new standards in terms of operation and functionality. It can be operated the conventional way using keys, but also like a smartphone via the high-resolution 5” colour touch display and it even responds to gestures. With a simple movement of the hand, you can for example switch your ringing phone to silent if you do not want to be disturbed.


Your calendar and contact data as well as e-mails can easily be synchronised via the push service from your Google™ account or from a Microsoft® Exchange account directly to your phone. For you, this means your phone address book is always in sync with your Outlook address book and you will see an overview of your upcoming appointments on screen via a widget. Last but not least five customisable screens provide enough space to customise your device with additional apps.


Headsets can be connected to the COMfortel 3600 IP via Bluetooth or via the separate headset interface with support for cordless EHS devices. This means your hands are free while making calls and you can move around freely during the call. Particularly frequent users will appreciate these options.


The COMfortel 3600 IP can be expanded with three COMfortel Xtension300 key modules. Together with the 15 phone keys, up to 105 function keys are then available. In addition, there are five dynamic keys on the display itself that can be freely programmed as touch functions.


Features & technical data

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System and comfort features

  • Presence detection via Bluetooth®
  • Calling number and name display (CLIP/CNIP) if registered in the central phone book of the PBX

  • Automatic background illumination with adjustable brightness and switch-on time
  • Personalized wallpapers and ringtones loadable
  • Ringtone, handset and hands-free speaker volume adjustable


  • Remote activation and message forwarding
  • Announcements (25) and messages (250)
  • High-quality audio due to uncompressed recording
  • Activation via function keys of the telephone
  • Voice recording and notepad function

Android Operating System

  • Alphanumeric Android keyboard via touch display
  • Individualization with purchased or self-programmed apps
  • Synchronisation incl. push of contacts, calendar and e-mail with e. g. Microsoft® Exchange, Apple® iCloud or Google™ services
  • Free allocatable screens for apps, contacts and widgets
  • Innovative operating concept with touch, key and gesture control

IP Features

  • 100 accounts, useable with 10 providers, 1 account max. as system telephone
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Date and time via NTP
  • Digest authentification (MD5)
  • Integration of external subscribers, e. g. home offices, subsidiaries

Communication platforms

  • COMpact 3000 series (no system functions)
  • COMpact 4000
  • COMpact 5010 VoIP, 5020 VoIP
  • COMpact 5000, 5000R
  • COMpact 5200, 5200R

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 148 / Width (mm) 275 / Depth (mm) 210 / max. Height (mm) 190
User elements Keypad with vanity code 1 / Function keys 12 / Freely programmable function keys 15
Operating voltage Plug-in power supply with Euro plug, 230V +/- 10%, 50 Hz or Power over Ethernet (PoE according to IEEE 802.3af, Class 0)
Display diagonal 5“/12, 7 cm / mm / Inch
Display touch concept Touch concept capacitive
Display resolution Height (px) 480 / Width (px) 800
Display type Type TFT color display
Ethernet connections System connection: (10/100/1000 Base-T)
Colour black
Telephone hook magnetic switch contact
Casing material plastic
Weight (g) Phone 1200 / Wall-mounted power supply 130
Headset separate interface for dynamic headsets, also with DHSG support
Internal memory - num. Internal memory (GB) 3
Loudspeaker Resistance (Ω) 8 / Diameter 2 (mm) 52
LEDs partly multicolored / 19
Power consumption minimum 3.3 / maximum 14
Module connection proprietary system bus for max. 3 COMfortel Xtension300, 30 function keys each (2 levels)
SD/SDHC card (GB, max. memory advisable) not included in the delivery / 16
System connection Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (10/100MBit/s, RJ-45 twisted pair)
Phone receiver Wideband audio, electret microphone, dynamic receiver, hearing aid compatible
USB ports 2 / 1 x pre-assigned with Bluetooth® dongle
Delivery scope
  • Basic unit
  • Handset with connection cable
  • ISDN cable RJ-45/RJ-45
  • Power supply unit
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Installation manual and quick start guide

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Compatible products


Telecommunication solutions for healthcare – Nursing and residential homes

FONtevo offers greater vitality for nursing and residential homes
Sector Employees
Healthcare 17
Caren P., Managing Director with 17 employees

"Some of our residents are still very sprightly but others are dependent on support for every movement. Our nurse call system, which is connected to an alarm server, is therefore extremely important. Although we are well equipped to provide first aid, it is often necessary to make emergency calls. So it's comforting to know that such emergency calls always take priority for the PBX – we have invested in an extremely efficient COMmander 6000RX. Since we recently linked it with the 'tekowin Heim' software however, controlling the telephones is just one of the many things it does. The system helps us with invoicing, provides statistics, archives correspondence – it is quite remarkable how much it can do! It is also handy that we can control all video cameras in and around the building using the telephone, a COMfortel 3600 IP, in the reception area – a real security advantage, because now and again a resident may get 'lost' and suddenly lose their bearings. What's more, our previous DECT solution was outdated and we have replaced it with an IP-DECT solution, also from the same brand. In addition to being more robust, the new cordless telephones COMfortel M-310 are also easy to clean. Especially for us, where everything is subject to special hygiene requirements, this was an extremely important point!"

Telecommunication solutions for healthcare – Private clinic

Auerswald supports discretion and efficiency in private clinics
Sector Employees
Healthcare 23
Dr Henry V., Senior Physician and Hospital Director with 23 employees

"A clinic cannot depend on a good medical reputation alone. Today, efficiency is just as important for the successful running of a clinic as providing optimal care to patients. When choosing our PBX, there were therefore two decisive criteria: it must support both medical operations and administrative processes. We chose a COMmander 6000RX – it controls the nurse call system via the connected alarm server, acts as a switchboard, keeps an eye on the entrance and even helps with invoicing because it is linked to the 'tekowin Heim' software. In practice, it is as though the PBX manages bookings, writes invoices, creates statistics... and incidentally happens to ensure that internal and external telephony also function reliably. Every employee has a cordless telephone (COMfortel M-310) that provides direct access to the switchboard functions such as operating the door opener, for example. Extremely important to us: cleaning using disinfectant can't damage this robust telephone. There is also a COMfortel 3600 IP in every department as this telephone can display images from all of the surveillance cameras on the premises. On the other hand, a modest COMfortel 600 is more than sufficient for consulting rooms, providing a convenient way to make phone calls. All devices from one manufacturer – I am positive that this was a very wise decision."

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Advertising agency

Designed for agencies undergoing dynamic change
Sector Employees
Agencies and law firms 30
Marcus F., Managing Director with 30 employees

"As we're still a young agency, we have experienced enormous growth over the last three years – at one time we had a team of just 8, but now we have 30 employees, making purchasing a PBX all the more urgent. However, we wanted to transfer over our existing analogue desk telephones and DECT handsets and a switchover to VoIP was also on our wish list too. The specialised dealer suggested the new COMpact 5500R from FONtevo because VoIP is integrated in the system from the outset since our provider will soon be cutting the current connection. To begin with, every employee was assigned a personal voice mailbox and fax box. Three additional COMfortel 1400 IP telephones and a COMfortel 3600 IP for the reception mean that we now feel very well equipped. As an aside, all four new telephones can also operate the video intercom through their colour touchscreens. Last but not least, I have also recently been able to access the PBX remotely: thanks to the 'PBX Manager' app, I can see on my iPhone if a caller has tried to contact me or has left a message. The ability to activate the call forwarding using my mobile telephone when already travelling is absolutely inspired. This is one thing in particular that I frequently forget to do in the agency."

Telecommunication solutions for trade and production – Plant engineering company

How production companies keep in touch
Sector Employees
Trade and production 25
Martin E., Managing Partner with 25 employees

"We have fairly large premises here with several assembly facilities where our engineers always disappear into a 'dead zone'. In complete ignorance once, we asked one of the 'big names' in the telephone industry just how much such a professional IP DECT solution would cost – we almost fell of our chairs when we heard the amount. It was when looking for alternatives that we then came across a specialised dealer situated just nearby. He carried out a DECT measurement on-site at our premises without further ado, strategically positioned six radio cells (COMfortel IP DECT system with Server WS-650 IP and six WS-Base). Since then, everything has worked perfectly, and we are very happy with our new cordless handsets M-100 which are really insensitive to rough treatment. The best bit: we were able to continue using our existing PBX, a COMmander 6000R, which supplied our 24 analogue desktop phones and both COMfortel 2600 IP phones, even though the entire premises is only called via VoIP. So, we got exactly what we wanted for a fraction of the cost. We then invested the money we saved in video surveillance: there are now four IP cameras mounted in the entrance areas – I can conjure up the images at the touch of a button on the display of my new COMfortel 3600 IP whenever I want to."

Telecommunication solutions for hotel and hospitality – Hotel

Tailor-made solution for hotels with up to 50 rooms
Sector Employees
Hotel and hospitality 26
Carl A., Managing Director with 26 employees

"When it comes to telephones for a hotel, there are always two perspectives: the guest wants a simple end device that is reasonably attractive in appearance, whereas for the personnel it is an important tool for guaranteeing perfect service. In this respect, there was plenty of room for improvement, something that has been made clear since we had a specialised dealer install new room telephones COMfortel 1200. He couldn't understand, for example, why it rang for so long when he called from time to time and he also made a few suggestions for monitoring. We now have a server COMmander 6000R that has proved its worth in every way possible: for checking in and checking out, for determining the room status, for invoicing, for automatically recording telephone charges and items taken from the minibar, for wake-up calls and much more. Above all, callers no longer need to wait to get through. When the front office is called directly, the automatic reception greets the caller and forwards the call on. In addition to an advantage in terms of service, we are now better equipped when it comes to security too. We can play the specific images from our IP cameras on the COMfortel 3600 IP telephone display by simply pressing the key. Bulky monitors are therefore no longer necessary."

Telecommunication solutions for hotel and hospitality – Country inn

Big support for small hotels
Sector Employees
Hotel and hospitality 7
Mary F., Proprietor with 7 employees

"Our company was founded by my grandfather and I have been managing it for 26 years now. During this time, living standards have naturally changed several times over, but we were able to make the large technical leap by purchasing a PBX by purchasing a PBX and the appropriate desk and mobile phones (COMpact 5200 and some models of the COMfortel family). Although we only have 8 rooms, checking guests in and out was extremely time-consuming. Now it is all done by phone, meaning that even the cleaners know immediately where they can simply enter. Telephone charges are also billed automatically and are entered directly on the invoice. Wake-up calls are sent automatically and are extremely easy to program. The best thing about it however is that there is now no need for someone to stand at reception at all times. If a guest calls, they get through immediately and hear a nice greeting. The call is then forwarded to a cordless telephone and answered in person by me or an employee. The investment has paid off several times over for me: we now have better control of telephone costs and the difference in the workload simply cannot be compared. I would also like to thank the specialised dealer for extremely good advice and the perfectly executed installation."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – DIY store

Available nationwide – indispensable for DIY stores!
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 36
Oliver K., Authorised Officer with 36 employees

"I was tasked with reviewing our entire communication system and bringing it up-to-date. After obtaining quotes from various providers, we quickly decided on a COMmander 6000. It wasn't down to the price saving alone, but because of the impressive concept as a whole. The system not only controls our IP DECT system down to the last corner of the warehouse, but also proves itself with sales-supporting measures such as special promotions that are advertised by the voicemail system as well as announcements. With almost 20 DECT COMfortel M-100 handsets, we have integrated all departments and areas in such a way that absolutely everyone can be reached. Of course, every department manager also has their own answering machine that is managed centrally by the COMmander. As we have a large sales area including external areas, monitoring is crucial. In this respect, the engineer who installed the system provided fantastic service by installing webcams in the network. Now both our security and office personnel can control cameras individually using the COMfortel 2600 IP and COMfortel 3600 IP telephones and respond appropriately to any incidents straight away."

Telecommunication solutions for wholesale and retail – Branch operation

Successfully networking branches
Sector Employees
Wholesale and retail 62
Julia B., Executive Assistant with 62 employees

"When I was asked to obtain quotes for a modern telephone system, I had certain search criteria in mind, from Voice over IP to unified communications, but otherwise I had very little knowledge. A specialised dealer then took the time to go through the quotes with me point by point. It then became very clear that the cheapest option was also the best. Since then, we have had a telephone server (COMmander 6000RX) that connects practically our entire company. Every branch can make telephone calls economically over the internet – but everything is controlled by the server in reception. It also features an interface for connecting our ERP and CRM systems that are linked using the 'ESTOS ProCall' software. This means that we don't just have presence management that incorporates all branches, if a customer calls it is also possible to view the status of an order from every workstation. In any case, my boss is extremely pleased. He always takes his handset COMfortel M-210 with him when visiting a branch, meaning he is automatically linked with head office on site. As an aside, I am also very satisfied, because I now have a particularly fancy phone: it is called COMfortel 3600 IP and can be equipped with all possible apps."

Telecommunication solutions for family and career – Family home

The solution of choice for the aspirational private user
Family and career
Sebastian L., Sales Manager, family man and techie with 0 employees

"The fact that we now have a COMpact 4000 at home is partly down to my 14-year-old son – he probably inherited his enthusiasm for all things technical from me. Two things tipped the scales in its favour: the long planned switchover to VoIP and the foolproof integration of various peripheral devices. The images from a total of five web cams installed in and around the house, from the tree house to the hamster cage, can now be retrieved on the telephone display of my COMfortel 3600 IP at the touch of a button and, if the doorbell rings, we can view the image from our video door intercom immediately. My son even managed to set the time control for the house lighting by himself. And since he was allowed to add a WLAN access point of his own for him and his sister, he is now in her good books too. They were thrilled with the new quality when streaming videos. In theory, I can also use the system to block expensive value added and service phone numbers but I don't think that is necessary for my children. It might sound as though I only purchased the system for the fun of it, but that isn't the case. Firstly, it helps make savings, secondly I don't need to guess if a call might be for me every time the phone rings, and thirdly I feel more independent thanks to the 'multi-path call forwarding', even though every member of the family has their own voice mailbox and fax box. Speaking of independence: with the 'PBX Manager' app, I am even able to control the system from my smartphone when I'm out and about."

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