COMfortel® 1400 IP

Article number 16071

Standard SIP with IP system telephony, based on Android™, 3.5” colour touch display and optional answering machine.


  • Ability to synchronise address books and calendar with Google services, Apple® iCloud and Microsoft® Exchange (optional)

  • Excellent acoustic performance due to wideband and artificial bandwidth expansion in narrowband conversations
  • Standard Android operating system allows the integration of company applications

  • Encrypted signalling (SIPS) and voice data transmission (SRTP)
  • Secure provisioning with device specific certificate
COMfortel® 1400 IP
COMfortel® 1400 IP
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The COMfortel 1400 IP won’t force you to decide on a specific system. Go ahead and use it as a IP system telephone connected to our IP-enabled PBX system or as a standard SIP phone for a Soft PBX / IP Centrex solution from various manufacturers and providers. No matter which system – the COMfortel 1400 IP will always make a perfect match.


You can operate the COMfortel 1400 IP via the keypad and cross-shaped touch pad… or like a smartphone, using the generous 3.5” touch display. The COMfortel 1400 IP features ten programmable keys (with built-in LEDs for status control) to which you can assign functions such as system control, destination dialling and SIP functions.


When activated through the Auerswald/FONtevo Shop, you can lay your hands on optional functions, e.g. synchronise e-mails, calendar and contact data via push service from your Google™, TelekomCloud, Apple® iCloud or a Microsoft® Exchange account. There are even more functions you can activate for a modest fee, such as the integrated answering machine or IP camera support. A separate interface lets you connect a standard headset, and an LED built into the display’s upper frame signals incoming calls and messages in your voicemail box.


The ingenious housing feet allow you to effectively adjust the viewing angle or – once you remove them – to vertically mount the COMfortel 1400 IP on the wall.


Features & technical data

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System and comfort features

  • Calling number and name display (CLIP/CNIP) if registered in the central phone book of the PBX

  • Automatic background illumination with adjustable brightness and switch-on time
  • Personalized wallpapers and ringtones loadable
  • Ringtone, handset and hands-free speaker volume adjustable
  • Artificial voice bandwidth extension for consistently improved voice quality and intelligibility


  • Basic activation via the Auerswald/FONtevo Shop and start-up with plugging a Micro SD/SDHC card (not included)
  • Remote activation and message forwarding
  • Announcements (25) and messages (250)
  • High-quality audio due to uncompressed recording
  • Activation via function keys of the telephone

Android Operating System

  • Alphanumeric Android keyboard via touch display
  • Individualization with purchased or self-programmed apps
  • Synchronisation incl. push of contacts, calendar and e-mail with e. g. Microsoft® Exchange, Apple® iCloud or Google™ services
  • Free allocatable screens for apps, contacts and widgets
  • Innovative operating concept with touch, key and gesture control

IP Features

  • 100 accounts, useable with 10 providers, 1 account max. as system telephone
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Date and time via NTP
  • Digest authentification (MD5)
  • Integration of external subscribers, e. g. home offices, subsidiaries

Communication platforms

  • COMpact 3000 series (no system functions)
  • COMpact 4000
  • COMpact 5010 VoIP, 5020 VoIP
  • COMpact 5000, 5000R
  • COMpact 5200, 5200R

Please note: information depending on the configuration level of the system. For detailed information please refer to the datasheet. Subject to modification.

Technical Highlights
Dimensions Height (mm) 148 / Width (mm) 223 / Depth (mm) 185 / max. Height (mm) 168
User elements Keypad with vanity code 1 / Function keys 13 / Freely programmable function keys 10
Operating voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE according to IEEE 802.3af, Class 2)
Display diagonal mm 89 / Inch 3.5
Display touch concept Touch concept recurrent
Display resolution Height (px) 240 / Width (px) 320
Display type Type TFT color display
Ethernet connections
Telephone hook magnetic switch contact
Casing material plastic
Weight (g) Phone 980
Headset separate interface for corded headsets
Loudspeaker Resistance (Ω) 8 / Diameter 2 (mm) 52
LEDs partly multicolored / 14
Power consumption minimum 2.4 / maximum 4.1
SD/SDHC card (GB, max. memory advisable) Micro-SD/-SDHC, not included / 16
System connection Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (10/100MBit/s, RJ-45 twisted pair)
Phone receiver Wideband audio, electret microphone, dynamic receiver, hearing aid compatible
Delivery scope
  • Basic unit
  • Handset with connection cable
  • ISDN cable RJ-45/RJ-45 (approx. 3 m long)
  • Installation manual and quick start guide

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We currently manage over 800 homes. If the phone rings, a quick response is often called for. Then the mobile facility troops must be deployed – at night calls are forwarded to the on-call service. To make sure that we can be reached at all times, last year we equipped both floors of the office with a DECT system for cordless telephony. The switchover from the old system went smoothly and the 'workflow' has been decidedly more efficient ever since. A couple of workstations are nevertheless still not cordless, mine being one of them. Thanks to my COMfortel 1400 IP desk phone, I am able to conveniently retrieve images from all surveillance cameras, e.g. from the underground car parks, at the touch of a button. A single PBX designed for Voice over IP (COMpact 5200) controls the whole thing. Beforehand, I had heard only positive things about this new internet telephony but, in my experience, it isn't just the voice quality that sets it apart from the "good old" ISDN telephony. The most noticeable changes in our office are: all of our customers and service providers can now be called from the central PC address book and, if they receive a call themselves, our ladies have all of the important property details on their display immediately – automatically."


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It might be surprising to many people, but callbacks and telephone consultations make up a large proportion of our work as tax consultants. When looking for a new PBX, I settled on a COMpact 4000 from FONtevo – it covers everything we could possibly have imagined: we wanted to keep the telephone connection and all digital peripherals, to integrate our customer database and a couple of additional convenience functions that make work easier for me and my employees, e.g. having all current data for a client displayed on the monitor as soon as they call. Think about the time saved simply by selecting a number with the click of the mouse. On the other hand, we use VoIP for the integration of external extensions. It is currently being used for the home office of a colleague who is working from home due to a new addition to the family. I also use the IP telephone in my home office and use it to connect directly with the systems in the office via the internet and a so-called VPN tunnel. For the phones, we have various models from the COMfortel range, one of which, the COMfortel 1400 IP, is an IP telephone. If the doorbell rings, it displays the camera image from the entrance. This means you can prepare if someone there wants to speak straight away.

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